“Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.”

-Author Unknown

Image from Flickr by JOPHIELsmiles

Image from Flickr by JOPHIELsmiles

In late February, my wife Wendy took a week to visit her friends in Florida and I stayed back here in Michigan to hold down the fort.  Although I missed her dearly and we talked often, I became very aware of a different life rhythm, and other experiences not previously observed in our normal routines.

Miracles I noticed and am grateful for include:

  • The wonders of medicine and our healthcare system in improving the quality and quantity of life.
  • The electronic and technological capacities that our smartphones, the internet, and a host of other devices provide.
  • The miracle of our living planet and the huge diversity of living creatures that share it.
  • The miracle of our minds and bodies that allow us to design and impact our world.
  • The miracle of community and family in which we can share our journey with those we love and care about.


Feel free to reply to this post regarding some of the small and not so small miracles you observe today.