“We’re sliding into undirected negative change, and what’s worse, we’re getting used to it.”

Octavia E. Butler, late American science fiction author

“misinformation on the web” from Unsplash, by @visuals

What news outlets do you watch? To what degree do they operate from the premise of if it bleeds it leads? What local, state, national, and global issues garner the majority of your attention, and which ones are of lesser importance?

When we examine the levels of negativity these days, it seems disturbingly true that it takes more and more to raise our eyebrows and even more for us to step forward and turn things around.


Where is the current slide into negativity totally unacceptable?

How can and will you constructively direct your voice and your efforts toward the positive changes you desire?

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  1. The slide to negativism is relentless if one is in a bubble. To stay out of a bubble I read daily digests from The Week magazine, Reuters, AP, CBC (Canada), BBC (British), Aljazeera, Detroit Free Press. Occasionally into Fox and CNN to compare their coverage. Have enough choices to make an informed opinion and not get caught up in negative news feeds.
    In addition I write to my Senators and Representatives, State and Federal, as well as the Governor to share opinions and requests for action on policy matters. Taking action builds positivism.

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