We’re sliding into undirected negative change, and what’s worse, we’re getting used to it

“We’re sliding into undirected negative change, and what’s worse, we’re getting used to it.”

Octavia E. Butler, late American science fiction author

“misinformation on the web” from Unsplash, by @visuals

What news outlets do you watch? To what degree do they operate from the premise of if it bleeds it leads? What local, state, national, and global issues garner the majority of your attention, and which ones are of lesser importance?

When we examine the levels of negativity these days, it seems disturbingly true that it takes more and more to raise our eyebrows and even more for us to step forward and turn things around.


Where is the current slide into negativity totally unacceptable?

How can and will you constructively direct your voice and your efforts toward the positive changes you desire?

“Negative thoughts are nails.”

“Negative thoughts are nails.”

—Jon Gordon, Author of The Carpenter

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Where do you stand on the negative to positive spectrum of thought? How do you view yourself when you listen closely to your inner voice?

Carpenters use nails all the time to fasten and hold things together. Adding an extra nail or two can make a structure even more rigid and solid. As someone who isn’t particularly handy, I often use nails to hang pictures on the wall as a way of hiding a blemish or mark.

How are you seeing the world and relating to the people in your personal and professional communities these days?

How do you judge others on this spectrum when you examine their words and actions?


Where do you see the negative thinking in your world keeping people stuck and rigid?

How would greater positivity and optimism offer greater possibilities to build a better future?

The greatest pollution problem

“The greatest pollution problem we face today is negativity.”

—Mary Kay Ash, late Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Image of a smoke stack

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How much do you care about the environment? What are your feelings about the pollution level in our waterways and air? How close to your home is the nearest landfill, toxic dump, treatment plant, or abandoned lot?

Negativity is a form of noise pollution. How bombarded do you feel by the incessant verbal, video, and other media messages spewing toxicity into your world?


What actions can you take to stop contributing literal and figurative pollution, to create a more positive and beautiful world? What additional actions can you take to clean up or help reduce the various forms of negativity/pollution caused by others?

Friday Review: Negativity


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And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.





Complaining is Draining.





Life is like photography. You use the negatives to develop.




Life is like photography

“Life is like photography. You use the negatives to develop.”

—Author Unknown

Image of a negative/postive signpost

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Many people ignore, suppress, or try to run away from the negatives in life. If you, too, utilize this strategy, try being a bit more like a photographer.

Consider how the best at this craft capture the extraordinary pictures, the ones that “WOW” us. Examine their observatory and reflective skills, their understanding of light and shadow, and other aspects of photography that bring out the brilliance of each shot.


How can you more fully examine and reflect on the negatives in your world to develop and have an even more wonderful life?

no matter where you go, there you are

“And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.”

– Confucius, Chinese philosopher


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As a positive, optimistic, and upbeat person most of the time, it troubles me to see a lot of negativity in the world. Two related negative traits I observe often are blaming and victimization. When people demonstrate these qualities, the focus is always on others as the cause of a problem, and themselves as innocent victims.

Confucius is suggesting, with this quote, that we are always present in these situations, and if you dig a bit deeper, a part of this current reality puzzle.


How can you take a larger percentage of responsibility for the events and circumstances that make up your world? Where would adjusting your perspective, attitude, or point of view provide a shift in the way that people and events affect you?