There is a big difference between fresh air and an air freshener

“There is a big difference between fresh air and an air freshener.”

Gretchen Rubin, NYT Bestselling Author

Image from Unsplash by Matthias Hyde

AQI or Air Quality Index is a term more and more people are familiar with these days due to the many Canadian wildfires.

Do a search for the most polluted cities in the world and you might be shocked at how many cities are almost always at unhealthy, severe, and hazardous levels.

Looking beyond forest fires, what other activities are the cause of such hazardous conditions?

Look into the ingredient lists of various air fresheners and you’ll see many noxious substances adding to the toxic load!

How aware are you of the things you put into your body?

How mindful are you of what’s in your food, water, and air, and their impact on your health?


What can and will you do to clean up your inner and outer worlds so we can all breathe a little easier tomorrow?


The greatest pollution problem

“The greatest pollution problem we face today is negativity.”

—Mary Kay Ash, late Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Image of a smoke stack

Image from Unsplash by veertezy

How much do you care about the environment? What are your feelings about the pollution level in our waterways and air? How close to your home is the nearest landfill, toxic dump, treatment plant, or abandoned lot?

Negativity is a form of noise pollution. How bombarded do you feel by the incessant verbal, video, and other media messages spewing toxicity into your world?


What actions can you take to stop contributing literal and figurative pollution, to create a more positive and beautiful world? What additional actions can you take to clean up or help reduce the various forms of negativity/pollution caused by others?