What passions are stirring in you? How can you use these ingredients to create the perfect dish to serve the world?

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I love to cook.

It is one of the passions that help me express my creativity and serve it up to those I love. I consider recipes as mere guidelines for consideration.

We recently bought 75 pounds of peaches as part of my wife Wendy’s annual canning efforts. She, along with myself and our daughter Rachel as helpers, spent the better part of two days turning these orbs of juiciness into precious gifts for friends and family. This year Wendy chose peach salsa as a new culinary adventure which included all sorts of peppers and spices we rarely use. With my cooking experience, I tweaked the recipe to keep the heat tolerable and tasty.

Unfortunately, I also experienced what is called pepper hands, which had me holding an ice pack for most of that evening!


What are your passions?

How frequently do you engage in these activities?

What are some new and creative ways you can and will serve them up to others in your various communities?

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  1. My passion is learning something new everyday, building relationships with my referral sources, prospects and clients. Knowledge and “hot button” selling is my key!

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