Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.

“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.”


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Passion and purpose are definitely the one-two punch of success and achievement.

Having one without the other is often not enough for us to persist and stay the course.

Many of us feel the pull of purpose to begin our journeys only to be faced with dark times that slow us down or stop us completely.

To keep the lights on and the fires burning we need the inner flames of passion when we stumble.

Passion give us the strength and resilience to pick ourselves up and take the next step and the next.


How passionate and purposeful do you feel in your current personal and professional efforts?

How can you summon this powerful pair to punch through anything that may be standing in your way?

Take your own yellow brick road

Take your own yellow brick road and meet your own inner wizard.

—Calm App Reflection

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I can vividly remember watching The Wizard of Oz as a child. Year after year we viewed the same story and were always left with an uplifted and heartwarming feeling.

As an adult, the story has become even more relevant. Using our heads, hearts, and courage to pursue our passions and purpose makes life even more wonderful.


How and in what ways are you following your own yellow brick road? In what ways are you already the wise wizard to guide you along this path?

What passions are stirring in you? How can you

What passions are stirring in you? How can you use these ingredients to create the perfect dish to serve the world?

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I love to cook.

It is one of the passions that help me express my creativity and serve it up to those I love. I consider recipes as mere guidelines for consideration.

We recently bought 75 pounds of peaches as part of my wife Wendy’s annual canning efforts. She, along with myself and our daughter Rachel as helpers, spent the better part of two days turning these orbs of juiciness into precious gifts for friends and family. This year Wendy chose peach salsa as a new culinary adventure which included all sorts of peppers and spices we rarely use. With my cooking experience, I tweaked the recipe to keep the heat tolerable and tasty.

Unfortunately, I also experienced what is called pepper hands, which had me holding an ice pack for most of that evening!


What are your passions?

How frequently do you engage in these activities?

What are some new and creative ways you can and will serve them up to others in your various communities?

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

—Seneca, ancient Roman philosopher & statesman

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What things in life get you excited and stir your passions? What activities and efforts really float your boat?  How fast and how far have these winds taken you personally and professionally?

Sometimes people find themselves adrift in the middle of nowhere without direction. They often feel lost at sea with a sense of queasiness and loneliness without a place to drop anchor. It’s at such times that our passions can be combined with the purpose of a north star to guide us home.


Where and how can you more fully combine both passion and purpose in your life to sail confidently and contently into the welcoming harbors of your world?

“Find a need. Define a service. Be the bridge.”

“Find a need. Define a service. Be the bridge.”

—Seth Godin’s Impresario

What are your personal or professional areas of excellence and high achievement? Which of these activities stir the passions in which you often lose track of time, expressing your gifts and mastery?

Where also do you find the expression of these capabilities serving the needs and desires of others in some meaningful and value-producing way?

Jim Collins — author of Good to Great — might describe this scenario as a personal hedgehog. It points us toward an expression of ourselves that could be more fully developed and expanded to contribute to the world.


How and in what ways can and will you be an impresario to find a need, define a service, and be the bridge to bring it to the world?

“A life of passion makes us a healthy cell in the body of the world.”

“A life of passion makes us a healthy cell in the body of the world.”

—Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

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Science estimates that the human body is made up of about 30,000,000,000,000 cells. That string of digits looks far more impressive than saying 30 trillion. To grasp the magnitude: 30 trillion would be the number of miles light would travel over five years at the rate of 186,000 miles per second.

So much for the science lesson.

What is your perspective of the role humans play as part of the body of the world? Consider all the other plant and animal species who share our home.

Beyond slight differences in our genetic code, it is our passions and our purposes that make us distinct in our ability to shape our world.


How can and will you passionately pursue your purpose in 2021, to be an even healthier cell in the body of the wold?

What could we achieve together if all 7.8 billion of us did the same?

“Action Precedes Passion.”

“Action Precedes Passion.”

—Bill Burnett & Dave Evans, Designing Your Life

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What are the things in life you love the most? What inspires you? What are you passionate about?

Asking these questions of anyone will likely lead to a highly engaging discussion with eyes wide open and perhaps some energetic and animated gestures.

How does one person find passion in fly fishing, while another finds it in preparing sushi?

Where and when did you first notice an initial interest in your passions?

How did this spark lead to the raging fires of engagement over time?


Take note of the early actions you and others took to get hooked on your current passions. Where might future actions and trying new activities generate a few more passionate pursuits in the years ahead?

What you wish to ignite in others

“What you wish to ignite in others must first burn within yourself.”

-Aurelius Augustinus, early Christian theologian

Book Cover "to Sell is Human"

In his book To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink points out that one in every nine people in the working world is in sales.

Initially this thought lures the reader into thinking, That’s not such a big number, or I can’t stand those pushy sales people, or I’m glad I don’t have to do that!

A few sentences later, however, Pink points out that the rest of us are also in sales. We all must sell our thoughts and ideas at work and at home, even if we are not selling a product or service.

In all cases, the ability to influence and enroll others is fundamental to our success. Today’s quote points to the importance of and, in my opinion, the essential element of genuine enthusiasm as a key factor in igniting the flames of excitement in others.


What are the issues, priorities, projects, or even products that get your fires burning? How and where can you share your excitement and passion to ignite the flames of excitement and interest in others?

highest success levels

“The slogans ‘hang on’ and ‘press on’ have solved and will continue to solve the problems of humanity.”

—Ogwo David Emenike, Nigerian Author and Speaker

image of a man on a mountain top with a flag that reads "Keep Exploring"

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Are you familiar with the word grit? There has been a media frenzy over this buzzword, which some claim as the key to success.

Believers in this concept suggest that if one is to reach the highest levels of success, talent must be combined with hard work, determination, and perseverance.

Angela Duckworth, author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, emphasizes the importance of passion. She stresses that without passion, dogged determination, and tenacity, hard work simply becomes drudgery without direction.


In what way does your passion fuel personal or professional projects, giving you the energy and desire to “hang on” or “press on”?

career and passion

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.”

—Author Unknown

Image from Flickr by Chris Parfitt

Image from Flickr by Chris Parfitt

Watching young children at play is a joyful activity. If you happen to be a parent, the joy is magnified even more. The exuberance and passion these little ones show as they engage their world is truly a thing of beauty. Some would even say that play is their job.

Now take the average working man or woman –  including yourself if you wish – and examine the level of passion and fulfillment they show as they head off to work on Monday morning. Few people would call their facial expressions “a thing of beauty.”

What happened between our time as little ones and our adult years?


How and in what ways can you regain the playful and passionate exuberance of your youth, to make your current career or career transition a reason to look forward to many more beautiful Mondays?