“When faced with a problem, we can choose to wait on it or we can choose to work on it.”

Stephen St. Amant, author of Savenwood

Image from Unsplash by Karla Hernandez

Taking the time to reflect and ponder on our problems can be a very useful exercise.

Turning our challenges over in our minds can offer us a wider range of perspectives, and ways forward.

At times when we are completely stumped it can be helpful to reach out to others for guidance and assistance.

Taking a wait and see period beyond a reasonable length of time creates a paralysis that can trickle into other areas of our lives.

This often leads to a genderized gridlock and significant loss of confidence and self-efficacy.


On what issue have you been waiting too long for your problem to somehow resolve on its own?

Where is it time to take greater initiative and get to work to break-through the obstacles facing you?

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