“When you throw dirt at people, you’re not doing a thing but losing ground.”

—Zig Ziglar, late American author, salesman, and motivational speaker

Image from Unsplash by Eddie Kopp

Ted Koppel once said that we all see the same events through different lenses. He seemed to be perplexed that although we live in the same country, we often seem to live in different worlds.

What are you observing in your various personal and professional communities?

Where are you seeing or even participating in dirt throwing?

I recently did a bit of pro-bono coaching to support the organization, Search for Common Ground. With such a great name and organizational purpose, I noticed even highly committed team members occasionally finding themselves on opposite sides of certain issues.


How and in what ways can you dig deeper to find common ground with others in your communities? Where can you plant the seeds of a better more unified world in your own back yard?