Values Unite Us

“Beliefs divide us, values unite us.”

-Jeff Rasley, Himalayan Trek Organizer & Author

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As a student of leadership I have always been interested in what brings communities and organizations together, and what tears them apart. Prior to writing his classic book Good To Great, Jim Collins wrote a well-researched book titled Built to Last. He had studied many organizations in many industries and found that what today’s quote states is true, and highly valuable.

There is no question that values, beliefs, behaviors, norms, and attitudes shared and exemplified within organizations create the culture, and literally attract or repel staff and customers.

Stated simply: United we Stand, Divided we Fall.


How can you use the simple insight from today’s quote to help support and strengthen the personal and professional communities you care about the most?

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

– Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

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One of the challenges facing some of my business and executive coaching clients is the issue of internal conflicts and the lack of alignment within their organizations’ leadership and management ranks.

You can imagine the energy drains and loss of momentum that result when these groups don’t focus their collective efforts on their customers, markets, and even their competition.


What efforts could you take to align and unify your organization, communities, and even your family, to stand together to fully realize your collective goals?

Through these efforts, you will not only become one, you may even experience synergy, when the results achieved are far greater than the sum of each part.