“A lot can happen in a year.”

-Author Unknown

Image from www.wordbypicture.com

Image from www.wordbypicture.com

As we age, many people experience time passing more quickly. I once heard the statement, “Life is like a toilet paper roll. The more sheets we use the faster it spins.” Given the finite nature of time, how we spend it becomes even more important.

I’d like to suggest we use the power of our intentions to identify our most highly prized goals and aspirations.  When we accompany them with focused determination, we experience the journey more fully and produce our desired results.


Given the fact that our years go by one way or the other, please consider identifying your intentions in the following areas, so what you want to happen will:

  • Career
  • Finances
  • Family & Friends
  • Personal Growth
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Physical Environment
  • Health
  • Community
  • Love & Romance
  • Faith

Feel free to add additional categories that are most important to you.
Consider the support of a friend, family member, mentor, or a coach to help you make this your best year yet.

Also consider breaking down this exercise into more management nuggets of days, weeks, or months, to build the habit of ongoing intentionality.