To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.”


Image of a snowflake on a pine needle

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For some reason, during winter I like to watch shows about Alaska. Three of my favorites are:
Life Below Zero
Alaska the Last Frontier
The Last Alaskans

What I enjoy the most is just how much each individual experiences joy and pleasure living such a demanding, chilly lifestyle. Beyond the natural beauty and splendor of this vast part of the country is perhaps the fact that they all cherish the ability to lead very self-determined lives.


What current and future struggles and life difficulties are you willing to face to pursue your own unique and beautiful life journey?

I Want People Who Have to Dance

“I don’t want people who want to dance. I want people who have to dance.”

—George Balanchine, Founder of the New York City Ballet

Image of a Ballerina on a City Street

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It is an unfortunate fact that some 70% of the working population doesn’t care much for the work they do.

Many would actually say they dread the thought of Monday morning, and rejoice in the “TGIF” theme song.

I consider this a tragedy for both employee and employer. A vast amount of time is spent in a spirit of boredom, apathy, regret, or just plain indifference. The accompanying lack of commitment, enthusiasm, and genuine passion for our work sometimes puts a dark cloud over our co-workers, and the organization as a whole.


What would be possible for you and your organization if you insisted on attracting people who absolutely have to dance?

Friday Review Determination


What is the basis for your determination in life? Here are a few determination-related posts you may have missed. Click to read the full message.


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”





“If you take another step, and another, you will be surprised to know how far you can go from the point you thought was the end.”




“Hustle and heart will set you apart.”





highest success levels

“The slogans ‘hang on’ and ‘press on’ have solved and will continue to solve the problems of humanity.”

—Ogwo David Emenike, Nigerian Author and Speaker

image of a man on a mountain top with a flag that reads "Keep Exploring"

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Are you familiar with the word grit? There has been a media frenzy over this buzzword, which some claim as the key to success.

Believers in this concept suggest that if one is to reach the highest levels of success, talent must be combined with hard work, determination, and perseverance.

Angela Duckworth, author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, emphasizes the importance of passion. She stresses that without passion, dogged determination, and tenacity, hard work simply becomes drudgery without direction.


In what way does your passion fuel personal or professional projects, giving you the energy and desire to “hang on” or “press on”?

Make the Days Count

“Don’t count the days; make the days count.”

-Muhammad Ali

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We have all heard the adage, “Your days are numbered.” Not many of us fully appreciate the hard reality of that statement. How often do you find yourself—or others you know—looking into the future with the expectancy of an enjoyable weekend, event or vacation?

How often do you look forward to a “someday” when everything will be better than the current moment? Unfortunately, “Someday” is not an actual day of the week!


How and in what ways can you make the most of every minute, hour, and day to realize the “present” life can be, making each day count instead of counting the days?

Friday Review: Determination

Friday Review: Determination

What are you determined to do or change? Here are a few determination-related posts you may have missed. Click on the Quote to read the full message:
QC #991a

“If you take another step, and another, you will be surprised to know how far you can go from the point you thought was the end.”



QC #991b

“The most interesting thing about a postage stamp is the persistence with which it sticks to its job.”




QC #991c

“A lot can happen in a year.”






The Scariest Moment

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

-Stephen King, American Contemporary Horror Author

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Take a minute to consider the scariest moments in your life. Things that might come to mind are:

  • Public Speaking
  • A really fast roller coaster ride
  • Skydiving
  • Getting a new job that requires skills you do not have
  • Writing your first book or starting your first business
  • Resigning from a stable job to transition into a new career

Experience all the sensations we associate with fear: cold sweats, shakes, rubbery legs, and your heart pounding in your chest.  How often do you stop and retreat? How often do find the courage to move forward?


I’d like you to try being courageous for just 20 seconds when you experience scary moments. When you feel fear welling up, tell yourself “I can be brave for 20 seconds,” or “I can handle that for 20 seconds.”  Before long, you will discover the exhilaration and excitement of getting past the barrier of fear we all experience.

Start today, and commit to developing a 20-second courage habit every day this week, and beyond.

Threshold of your Mind

“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom, but rather, leads you to the threshold of your mind.”

-Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer

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Take a moment to get into an imaginary time machine and go back to your youth.

Specifically, I’d like you to visit your grammar school, middle school, high school, college, and if you had them, post-graduate educational experiences.

As you explore each of these periods in your life, take note of the teachers who have made the most memorable and lasting impact on your life. How many of them challenged your thinking and encouraged greater personal inquiry, rather than simply pouring their reservoir of knowledge into you?


Who are the current teachers, mentors, and coaches that lead you to expand the threshold of your mind? How can you be such a resource for others in your personal and professional communities?

From the Errors of Others

“From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own.”

—Publilius Syrus, ancient Syrian writer

QC #906

A highly notable technique to support personal growth and development is to encourage people to embrace failure. When we fail, we have the opportunity to pick up experiential lessons from the event.

Today’s quote, however, suggests that not all lessons need to occur from our own failures, setbacks, and stumbles. All we need do is pay particular attention to the misadventures of those around us. From them, we can glean additional nuggets of knowledge and wisdom.

Given the fact that there is only one of you, and so many people in your personal and professional worlds, the odds favor the open and receptive mind in picking up a higher proportion of lessons this way.


Where and in what ways can you use the errors of others to pursue greater success and mastery throughout your day?

“A lot can happen in a year”

“A lot can happen in a year.”

-Author Unknown

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As we age, many people experience time passing more quickly. I once heard the statement, “Life is like a toilet paper roll. The more sheets we use the faster it spins.” Given the finite nature of time, how we spend it becomes even more important.

I’d like to suggest we use the power of our intentions to identify our most highly prized goals and aspirations.  When we accompany them with focused determination, we experience the journey more fully and produce our desired results.


Given the fact that our years go by one way or the other, please consider identifying your intentions in the following areas, so what you want to happen will:

  • Career
  • Finances
  • Family & Friends
  • Personal Growth
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Physical Environment
  • Health
  • Community
  • Love & Romance
  • Faith

Feel free to add additional categories that are most important to you.
Consider the support of a friend, family member, mentor, or a coach to help you make this your best year yet.

Also consider breaking down this exercise into more management nuggets of days, weeks, or months, to build the habit of ongoing intentionality.