“Are you working to connect the dots or merely collecting more dots?”

—Seth Godin, Author

What is your favorite form of social media? If you go in order of popularity, the usage looks something like this:

  • Facebook has about 1.23 billion users
  • LinkedIn has about 332 million users
  • Twitter has about 284 million users

Please don’t respond saying my numbers are wrong, as they aren’t relevant to the point of this post.

Do you know how many friends, connections, or followers you have on each of your social sites?

Without question, the internet and social media have brought about amazing changes, making our world more connected and noisy to the point, for some, of addictive engagement.

Godin’s question asks if we are collecting friends or followers like dots, or are we truly looking to genuinely connect and contribute to other people’s lives.


Examine your skills, abilities, gifts, and talents that contribute to those on the other side of the  monitor or mobile device. Consider that if you create something truly remarkable, you will likely have your very best friends and followers connecting the dots with you.