“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.”

—Albert Einstein

Image of Albert Einstein from Public Domain

When we think of great minds, few people top the list more often than Albert Einstein.

If you investigate his life through a wide variety of sources, you will see that he was fond of what he called “thought experiments.”

I guess you could say that he thought a lot about thinking!

What about your own mind?

How much do you think about your own thoughts and how they influence your view of others and life in general?

What prejudices, biases, mental models, and paradigms have you ingrained that support and in many cases limit what’s possible for you?


How can and will you conduct some of your own expanded thought experiments to realize a less common and more extraordinary life?

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  1. I appreciate learning about women in science, especially health care. When our local library reopens after COVID-19, I’m looking forward to learning more about Sister Kenny’s pioneering polio treatment work.

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