“Don’t quit your daydream.”

-Author Unknown

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For many of us, the act of daydreaming is about longing to be somewhere else, doing something else. This often flies in the face of our day jobs—jobs that have become, for some, unfulfilling or even toxic.

When we daydream, there is a heightened sense of excitement, and a desire to live and work more consistently with our most authentic beliefs and desires.

In many ways, the coaching process encourages each individual to be true to themselves, giving them greater access to more of their personal power, gifts, and inherent talents. Who wouldn’t want far more of that?


What would be possible if you lived more consistently by the phrase, “Don’t quit your day dream” instead of “Don’t quit your day job”?

What specific actions can you take today to do just that?

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  1. To a little guy like me, it is better to be realistic as opposed to be far-fetched. It is better to try something small and become successful, instead of embarking on something giant and fall flat on face.

    But, hey, that’s just me.

  2. I can really identify with this picture! That guy in the cubicle was me (except my cube didn’t have any windows or a view to the outside!) After ten years of being locked in a box (a coffin?), it was time to take control and take my “job” outside, living and working at the beach. For others who may be in similar situations: have the courage to make a change. It’s better to try something big and fail, than to do something small and succeed.

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