“Find the Energizers.”

—Erika James, Dean at the Wharton School

Image from Unsplash by Federico Beccari

What comes to mind when you think about energy?

Where do you look when it comes to outside sources?

The source at the top of my list is our sun, which makes life possible for many reasons. Beyond its miraculous properties which include supporting photosynthesis, powering our weather, and helping us produce vitamin D, its mere presence each morning is often the starter gun that kicks off our days.

As we head into winter in the northern hemisphere, the levels and duration of sunshine decrease, which can frequently reduce our own levels of energy and vitality. What do you do to remain fully charged and energized?


Make a list of all the energizing strategies you can think of. Talk with friends, family members, and others in your personal and professional communities about their best ideas.

Take particular note of which of these special people energize your world the most with their sunny personalities.