“Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold.”

-author unknown

Image from Flickr by CameliaTWU

Image from Flickr by CameliaTWU

The world came together in Rio for two weeks earlier this month, to marvel at and celebrate the performance of 10,500 athletes from over 200 countries.

I particularly enjoy the back stories of these remarkable people. How they came to pursue their dream of becoming an Olympian, regardless of whether they make it to the podium, is often inspiring.

With the 2016 Olympics now behind us, how many of us will fall back into the undesirable habit of looking for the dirt in one another? This is a habit that undermines the fabric of the caring relationships and close-working communities we all desire.


How and in what ways can you permanently retain and maintain the “Midas Touch” to continuously find the gold in the people in your professional and personal worlds?