“If you’re not willing to do a wholesale 24/7,100% swap with who that person is, then there is no point in being jealous.”

Naval Ravikant, Indian-American entrepreneur and investor

Image from Unsplash by PCM

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Who were your heroes, and how often did you imagine being them?

What about these days?

How often do your thoughts detour to trading places with the rich and famous? If you were to find a magic lamp, how would you use those wishes to swap out your life for some alternative picture of perfect?

Where do you currently feel the pangs of envy and jealousy?

Who are the people you actually know that seem to have it all? How do you feel around them when your habit of making comparisons kicks in?


Take a closer look at your life.

If possible, dig below the surface of your initial superlative assessments of others.

Perhaps they may actually be a bit jealous of you.