“Ignore the cup and just enjoy the coffee.”

—Mo Gawdat, Author of Solve for Happy

Image from Unsplash by Jordan @suspct

Product packaging is big business. In so many product categories, it can make the difference between super success and a big fat flop.

Long gone are the days when packaging was meant to only protect and preserve what was inside. Now, the container must scream BUY ME! I’M SPECIAL! I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER!

How often does selling the sizzle actually meet your expectations, or better yet, exceed them?

Where, too often, is the added price of the cup not really worth the premium price to get the coffee?


If you enjoy a good cup of coffee check Google for the brands that have the highest rating with the lowest per ounce price.

Where and with whom in your worlds would looking closer at what’s on the inside make the biggest difference?