“It’s a real pleasure to earn the trust of your customers slowly over time by doing what’s right.”

Charlie Munger, late American businessman and philanthropist

Image from Unsplash by krakenimages

In the early years of my coaching career most of my time was spent networking and pursuing various business development activities.

Back then the world saw coaching as an activity only related to sports. The idea of a business or life coach seemed weird and a bit too far out to be widely accepted.

To capture my efforts, I used a customer relationship management software called ACT and LinkedIn to keep track of things.

In numerous cases it took years of steady and consistent effort and doing things right to build the necessary trust to eventually establish the partnerships to move forward.


What is an example of a relationship you created over time that was built on integrity and doing things right?

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  1. I was not surprised by your mini-biography. I have always known you to be a diligent and perservering person. You deserve all the success you have achieved. YOU ARE A GREAT COACH!!

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