“My sun sets to rise again.”

—Robert Browning, English poet and playwright

Photo from Flickr by Tomas Penalver

Photo from Flickr by Tomas Penalver

A student named Julio, asked to interpret Browning’s quote, said, “The sun sets to lay to rest what is done, and rises to give way to what is to come.”

That this quote begins with the word “my” causes me to focus within, to examine and reflect on the experience of my day, as well as the level of initiative I bring to it as I bound out of bed in the morning.

I find Julio’s interpretation beautiful and poetic. I also feel that Browning was challenging each of us to play a more active role in manifesting each day to the best of our abilities. He asks us to bask in the satisfaction of being an integral part of the rhythmic flow of our lives and the world.


Spend a few morning and evening minutes in thought, to capture your intention for the day to come, and reflections on the day that is done.

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