“If Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters—204, if you are in Japan.”

—Claire Cook, American Writer and Speaker

Image from kiameshaglobal.com

Image from kiameshaglobal.com

A friend and business colleague named Joel recently popped into my office to say hello. He, like many people I know, is a time-crunched business owner finding himself working too much in his business rather than taking it to a new level by working on his business.

He shared that he likes to have at least one new big idea to implement each year. This helps him keep things fresh, remain highly relevant in the marketplace, and provide even greater value to his clients.


How and where can you allocate 10-15% of your time to brainstorming new and better ways to run your business and live a better life? Imagine having 25—or 204—options from which to choose!