“Should we retire the concept of ‘retirement’?”

—Author Unknown

Sign about retirement

Image from ucsandiegoextension.wordpress.com

Take a look at these definitions and references to the word “retirement”:

  • Removal of something from service or use
  • The act of leaving one’s job, career, or occupation permanently, usually due to age
  • A place of seclusion or privacy

If you are like me, trying on this concept of retirement makes you feel blue, or sad. If, on the other hand, looking forward to withdrawing from an undesirable vocation consumes your current life, you might also be sad.


What if there were no such thing as retirement?

What if it was your job, each day from birth to death, to live as fully and richly as possible?

What actions can and will you take today to launch your life to the highest heights, no matter your age?