“Run marathons in the footwear of others.”

—Author Unknown

Image from Unsplash by Joshua Coleman

Most of us have been taught to walk a mile in others shoes before we are quick to judge. If you have done this during the past year, how has it impacted your life and the way you treat others?

What if, instead of a mile of walking, you ran 26.2 miles in the footwear of some of these individuals, to more fully explore their difficulties and heartaches?

Have you ever watched a marathon in person, or seen the Olympic or Boston event? If so, you would have seen thousands of people lining the routes, encouraging and supporting each competitor to run the best race possible, and reach their goal.


How and in what ways can you more fully appreciate the marathons others are running in your world? How can and will you reach out more generously and compassionately to support their courageous efforts?