The Best Gifts

“Some of the best gifts come wrapped in sandpaper.”

-Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker

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Take a moment to look back over your life to examine some of the most significant lessons you have learned.

Who were the people who influenced or participated in these experiences? Some were probably parents, teachers, or bosses with a bit of an abrasive nature that “smoothed” a few of your edges.


What challenging experiences are grating on you these days? Which of them may simply be a gift in disguise, because of its sandpaper packaging?

#79: “Love the giver more than the gift.”

– Brigham Young

I read the book The Five Love Languages many years ago, to enhance my relationship with my wife. I often recommend it to my coaching clients, to help them better understand their partners. The gist of the book is that we have different ways of showing love to one another. We almost always choose to show love in the same way that we like to receive it.

By tuning into one another’s offerings of love, we can embrace these gifts in the way they are intended – instead of missing the message because we’re simply not speaking the same love language.


How could you fully love the givers in your life by fully embracing every gift they have to offer, in their language?

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