“Our mortality ironically is a life coach.”

“Our mortality ironically is a life coach.”

Mo Gawdat Solve for Happy

Image from Unsplash by Benjamin Sharpe

When I was a young boy I was fortunate to go to Camp Indian Lake in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. My father was the camp Director and as one of his perks, the whole family had a two-month vacation each year.

On Saturday evenings, there was a movie and each camper was given five tickets to exchange for candy to eat during the film — and perhaps to keep us from talking! Deciding what treats were worth two or three tickets seemed monumental back then.

Time, in many ways, represents the tickets we are given to experience the sweet and sour patches of our lives. Not knowing just how many tickets we have left makes our life choices even more important and urgent.


How can recognizing your own mortality help coach you to make the best possible life choices with the precious tickets remaining?