“Things that aren’t your fault can still be your responsibility.”

“Things that aren’t your fault can still be your responsibility.”

—Author Unknown

Image from Unsplash by Markus Winkler

When we examine our world closely, it’s amazing to see just how many aspects of our lives are not within our control.

It can often feel unfair when we experience bad breaks in either personal or professional matters.

At such times many of us default to pointing the blame for how things go down elsewhere.

Although many of these messy situations may be caused by others, we often find ourselves with mops and brooms, cleaning up after them.

How well do you manage and navigate such events?


Where and how do you embrace your responsibility for things that aren’t your fault?

How could taking this stance more often empower you to live with greater dignity and self-respect?

The Head of the Table

“Wherever I sit is the head of the table.”

—Henry Louis Mencken, 20th Century American Journalist

Image of a formal table

Image from Unsplash by rawpixel.com

Typically, the position at the head of a table is one of respect and honor. Where have the guests of honor or those with highest authority been seated at personal and professional events you have attended?

Today’s quote is about honoring oneself. Not out of arrogance, but to say that each of us is the key leader in our own lives. We each get to articulate our own visions for the future, and charge forth to realize our unique destiny.  We don’t need to be given permission by anyone else, or wait to be chosen.

We get to choose ourselves always, every day.


How can you dignify and honor yourself more today, and in the future, to assume your rightful place at the head of your table?