“A crown, if it hurts us, is not worth wearing.”

“A crown, if it hurts us, is not worth wearing.”

—Pearl Bailey, 20th century American actress, singer and author

Image from Unsplash by Nathan Mcgregor

What are the ways that you and others measure success?

How do you keep score to know if you are winning?

How near or far are you from being king or queen of the hill?

Status is one way people measure themselves and others. Think about the business world, entertainment, sports, politics, the military, social media, and other areas of life in which people compare and contrast where they stand.

Where have you noticed or personally experiences the pain of personal and professional status?


Where does wearing the crown of status present a cost far too high to pay?

One key to knowing joy is to be easily pleased.

“One key to knowing joy is to be easily pleased.”

—Mark Nepo, Author of The Book of Awakening

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We live in a world of constant comparison. It is driving many of us crazy.

Foolishly we believe that constantly pursuing excellence in all things is a sign of worldliness and higher status. Consider this list:

  • The vehicle you drive
  • The food you eat
  • Where you went to school
  • Your career or job
  • Your home
  • Your family and friends
  • Where you go on holiday or vacation
  • The water you drink

When we see ourselves as special, deserving only the best, we can become isolated. When no one or no-thing can meet our high standards on every occasion we are guaranteed to be let down.

What if instead, we seek to discover the specialness in all things that come our way as a path toward greater joy and happiness?


Consider reading Factfulness by Hans Rosling. I am sure you will be even more easily pleased with your life.