A Lot of TRY

“In every triumph there’s a lot of Try.”

—Frank Tyger, late editorial cartoonist

One definition of the word triumph is, “being victorious in a noteworthy achievement, or a level of exultation and joy over generalized success.”

It is also associated with winning and prevailing in some significant challenge, gaining mastery, rejoicing, and celebration.

In 1965, there was an ad touting, “Put a tiger in your tank,” promising optimal acceleration and performance if you used Esso Gasoline. Trying is the proverbial tiger in your tank, to boost you to new levels of achievement.


Where and how can you take Frank Tyger’s coaching and put more “try” into your personal and professional efforts towards triumphs in your life?

The Seed of Triumph

“Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.”

-Og Mandino, Author of “The Greatest Salesman in the World”

Image from wonderopolis.org

Image from wonderopolis.org

When was the last time you ate watermelon? Years ago every mouthful came with at least a few seeds. Back then, we would chew carefully and spit out the seeds. Clearly, some clever person disliked that process and found a way to create the seedless varieties we have today.

What if, instead of an undesirable, adverse barrier to your fullest enjoyment, the seeds were actually a more tasty component of the fruit? Perhaps we would all seek out the seeds as a more desirable part of our fruit-munching experience!


Where can you more fully examine and realize the growth potential and the seeds of triumph in some or perhaps all of the adversities you may be facing?