“The best angle from which to approach any problem is the try-angle.”

—Stephanie Staples, Author of The Try-Angle, a New Slant on Life

Image from Unsplash By Brett Jordan

My grandson Weston is a remarkable little guy. He knows the alphabet forwards and backwards, can count to 100, knows his colors, and of course, his shapes.

I love how he pronounces “octagon” in his cute three-year-old voice, but perhaps the most admirable of his qualities is his joyful enthusiasm to try almost anything involving learning and play.

How open and receptive are you at applying the Try-Angle in your approach to life?

How often do you find yourself giving new things a try versus standing pat on your current approach, which may not be working?


Where and on what personal or professional challenges do you need to give things another try?

Please let me know where and how your persistence pays.