“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

-Author Unknown

Image from emilykjesbo.blogspot.com

Image from emilykjesbo.blogspot.com

When I started my coaching career many years ago, my wife Wendy gave me the gift of a customized license plate that reads “I Coach.” Over the years it has become a conversation starter, with people often asking me what sport I coach.

This leads to a discussion of my role as a business and personal coach. Recently, I noticed that in all these years I have never coached a professional or even top amateur athlete.

This means that there have also been no actual mountain climbers, but we all climb metaphorical mountains every day. Surprisingly, the bigger and more daunting the climb, the more satisfied and rewarded we feel when we reach the summit.


What challenging projects or goals are you pursuing these days?  How can you more fully experience the growth satisfaction along the way as well as the wonderful views when you reach the top?