Vulnerability is a source of so many wonderful aspects of life. You must, however, let go to receive them.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Dmitry Berdnyk

It’s counterintuitive that in order to receive what we want and need, we must let go of things we have. After all, if we hold on tightly to things, we get to keep what we have indefinitely.

What if we desire love, acceptance, adventure, and the feeling of belonging to our various communities?

What must we let go of to receive these very human desires?

What’s at risk when we desire the rewards of a full and happy life?


Where and how do you avoid the risks of being vulnerable?

How do you protect yourself from the bumps and bruises life can dish out?

Consider exploring the books and other works of Brene Brown to discover insights you may not have considered.

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  1. consider the exercise done in private. This was deep. I know my insecurities all too well

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