“What becomes fragile when we age is not our bodies as much as our egos. The best time to take some daring steps is when we get older.”

– Helen Hayes, actress

Image of seniors rollerblading

Prospective clients often ask me: Who are your coaches? Who supports you in living your best life?

Over the years, a number of key people who have supported me. The best and most enduring has been my 86-year-old father, Marvin. For over 56 years, he has been a steadfast supporter.

This past year, following the passing of my mom, my dad and I, along with my wonderful wife Wendy, engaged in what was, for us, some adventures:

  • A ride in a hot air balloon.
  • A safari in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.
  • A high-speed adventure on the Test Track ride at Disney World.
  • A trip to the top of Mount Washington, the highest peak on the East Coast, on the famous Cog Railroad.
  • A canoe ride down the Delaware River.


Regardless of your age, how can you find a bit more daring and adventure to spice up your life, and engage others you care about in the journey?

Feel free to reply to this message with some of your own efforts to step out of your aging ego.