What would be possible if you released the urge to judge and criticize yourself and others?

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Markus Winkler

How often do you catch yourself judging and being critical of yourself and others?

When you do notice, what is this inner voice saying?

How much trouble would you be in if these inner thoughts were vocalized and put on an external speaker? What if these criticisms were sent in a text or email and there was no way to take them back?

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to keep some of these messages from being delivered even when we remain silent.

Facial expressions and body language clues give us away, resulting in others judging us in turn.


How would greater openness, kindness, and assuming positive intentions from others improve your world?

What would it look like if everyone made the same effort?

How can and will you take the lead in this area, starting today?