“When you change direction radically, the loads can shift, and it can throw you off balance.”

Stephen St. Amant, author of the Savenwood Blog

Image from Unsplash by Mitchell Lou

Think of the many times you have been a passenger.

Include all forms of transportation, from the time you were a kid and went to an amusement park to the planes, trains, and automobiles we use today.

Recall some of the times when you experienced a radical change in direction in which the laws of physics jolted you and the things around you away from your previous trajectory.

How many spilled beverages and other unsecured items found a new home on your lap or the floor? Perhaps you even experienced a deployed airbag or a case of whiplash.


In what ways can you navigate the changes in the direction of your life more smoothly? How can you secure the things you value the most to not lose your balance when things begin to shift?

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