“You carry the passport to your own happiness.”

—Dianne von Furstengberg, Belgian Fashion Designer

Image from Unsplash by Nicole Geri

When was the last time you used your passport to travel to another country?

If you are like most people, your passport is collecting dust and your plans to break it out anytime soon are remote.

In early August, our children and our grandson converged on our home in Michigan for a “staycation,” following a series of COVID-19 tests to assure safety.

With a dose of creativity and lots of love, we all racked up lots of happiness miles!


In what ways can and will you use your internal passport to happiness wherever you find yourself?

How can taking a “There’s no Place like Home” approach to life bring you greater joy?

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  1. Last trip overseas in 2016 to Paris- a wonderful, never to be forgotten trip with my husband.

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