“Allocate time well ahead of time.”

Arthur C. Brooks, Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School

Image from Unsplash by Luke Chesser

“Time management” is a misnomer. Time flies while having fun, and moves along on its own even when we’re not having such a good time.

I prefer the term allocate, as in today’s quote. It conveys levels of intentionality and prioritization in the way many people try to wisely save and spend their money.

Time is life’s ultimate currency.

We only get so much and when it’s gone it’s gone. Investing this precious resource reminds me of the phrase, Plan your work and Work your plan.

Even when we are not working it seems wise to allocate significant periods of our days to the priorities of family, community, health, and leisure to keep things operating optimally.


In what areas of your life would allocating your time more wisely make the biggest difference? What blocks of time works best for you to apply this planning practice?

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