“There are miracles in me waiting their own turn to happen. I am never giving up on myself.”

Rupi Kaur, Canadian poet, illustrator, and photographer

Image from Unsplash by Towfiqu barbhuiya

My wife and I recently finished watching the 46th season of the TV show Survivor. To keep the viewer’s interest the game moves faster and has many more twists and turns than a formula one race.

Instead of a 39-day format each new season is squeezed into 26 days where a widely diverse group of people are placed on an island where their physical, mental, and social skills are tested to their limits and beyond.

I’ve added the word beyond because of the transformative impact this game has on many of the contestants.

Along with the potential of winning a million dollars, a high percentage of players discover new levels of grit and determination that laid dormant prior to the challenges they face by the game and their opponents.


What miracles in you are waiting their turn to happen? How can you rally your belief in yourself to not only survive but thrive playing the game of life?

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