“We rise by lifting others.”

—Robert Ingersoll, 19th Century American Orator

Image from joinabrightfuture.com

Image from joinabrightfuture.com

As part of my Personal Excellence Training program, each of my clients works on the key skill of increasing their relationship mastery. Without question, progress in this area has enormous benefits, producing qualitative and quantifiable results.

Some of the communication tools are:

    • Taking a sincere and full interest in what others think and believe
    • Listening with your full attention and honoring the value others have to offer
    • Limiting our desire to speak and respond too quickly so that the other person can fully express themselves
    • Being open and receptive to the views and contributions of others


How can you use the techniques listed here, and those you know well, to lift other people up in your personal and professional worlds?  What benefit would you gain in doing so?