“My experience of life is what I agree to attend to.”

William James, 19th Century American philosopher, historian, and psychologist

Image form Unsplash by Fábio Lucas

How do you spend your days?

Who do you spend them with?

How agreeable and satisfied are your answers to these questions?

To what degree do you feel free to attend to your days as you desire?

How is your ability to choose your path blocked by factors outside of your control?

I recently reached a meditation milestone of 1400 consecutive days—the mindfulness exercises have been of significant value to my life off the cushion.

Building greater acceptance, patience, and compassion, and being more equanimous with life as it unfolds have been bonuses to my initial efforts to be less stressed, and grow calmer.


What steps can and will you take in the coming days to enhance your experience of life, and that to which you attend?