“Symbols are living mirrors of the deepest understandings that have no words.”

Mark Nepo, poet and spiritual adviser

Image from Unsplash by Mariano Rivas

My wedding band is one of my most precious possessions. It is the only object I’ve worn every day for over 43 years.

When I look at it daily and spin it around my finger, I feel a deep sense of groundedness.

It is a living mirror of my love and commitment to my wonderful Wendy and the life we have created and shared. It represents the fact that we continue to give ourselves to one another and our ongoing promise to be there in both good and difficult times.

We are each other’s person and it is very comforting to know this.

My ring has been fitting a bit tighter in recent years, and I choose to see it as a tighter hug from the person I love the most.


What are the symbols in your life that have the greatest meaning?

What words come close to describing their profound significance and importance?

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