“Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative.”

“Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative.”

Judy Gold, American stand-up comedian, actress, author, and producer

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Over the past few weeks, we watched several movies on the big screen at our local theater.

We usually enjoy the previews but in this case, the 20 — 30 minutes of previews included mostly scary, fear-inducing films, which are definitely not my cup of tea.

My upbringing and experiences with Halloween were very different. It was a time of self-expression in which we made instead of bought our costumes.

These creative efforts with our parents, siblings, and friends — along with all the candy — made this holiday extra sweet.


How can you enhance and expand your creativity on Halloween and through the coming holiday season?

How could more creating and less consuming contribute to an even more satisfying life?

The one thing I love most

“Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want.”

—Ryan Gosling, Canadian Actor and Musician

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Looking back to my childhood, Halloween was perhaps my favorite holiday. The process of selecting our costumes to be hand-made by mom, and the pillow cases we used to collect our booty, still brings a fond smile.

In those years, we went out early and stayed out pretty late, and it was common to head home to drop off a load of the sweet stuff and head back out for more. That night, and for a few short weeks after, we had the freedom to eat our fill and not hear “No!” too often.

This freedom to choose our actions was something I cherished and it has been a core value of mine ever since.


How and in what ways can you experience even more of the sweetness of life by embracing and exercising the personal freedoms we sometimes take for granted?

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Image of kids in Halloween Costumes

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October 31 marks the ancient Celtic Holiday of Halloween, which later became All Soul’s Day in the Roman Catholic tradition.

For us it marks the final turn from summer to deep autumn, when pumpkins are ripe, trees are colorful, and some folks are full of mischief.


Consider taking on a new goal that scares you just a bit.