Mend Your Manners

“Look at the manners of others and mend your manners.”

—Japanese Proverb

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As part of my signature Personal Excellence Training, which kicks off each new coaching assignment, I conduct a Core Values/Life Vision exercise. A key part of this effort is for the coaching client to describe their “Best Future Self.”

Most clients inquire into their own good qualities first, then examine the wonderful and desirable qualities of those they admire.

Some take an alternate approach, exploring their own undesirable qualities and the poor manners of others, then flipping these traits around to identify the opposite trait they would choose to exemplify.


Where it is appropriate to mend your manners, personally or professionally?

How can the example set by others assist you in this effort?

Feel free to reply to this message and request the full list of questions I use in this exercise.

Men’s evil manners

“Men’s evil manners live in brass; their virtues we write in water.”

—William Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Act 4, Scene 2

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What does it take to build a good reputation? How many virtuous and noble efforts, and what length of time is required to justify recognition?

Conversely, what does it take to build a bad reputation, or to undermine or destroy a good one? How many evil, questionable, or carelessly conceived actions does it take to wipe a slate clear and enter negative territory?

Who do you know that has been permanently labeled or continues to be judged for behaviors from the past where those around them are unable to forget or forgive?


What attitude adjustments might be worth considering regarding the virtues and shortcomings of others? How would you like others to view you on these matters?