“How can you break out of old patterns and learn to look at life anew?”

“How can you break out of old patterns and learn to look at life anew?”

—Author Unknown

Image from Unsplash by Simon Launay

Today’s quote is cousin to one of my favorites, by Tuli Kupferberg:

“When Patterns, are Broken, New Worlds Will Emerge.”

Examining these nuggets of wisdom may have some shortcomings if we use them only as thought exercises. Shifting our paradigms, altering our mental models, and simply looking through different perceptional filters is not enough.

We must also act in new and different ways if new worlds are to be realized.

An intention to act without action leaves us where or how we are—or perhaps worse.


As you look at life anew, what do you plan to actually do?

Feel free to reply to this post regarding the actions you took today.

#90: “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

– Edward de Bono, doctor and author

Years ago, I read A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. The premise of this book was based on the importance and value of right-brain/non-linear thinking. Pink pointed to some of the critical limiting factors related to left-brain or linear thinking: the value of this type of thinking has been decreased due to the advent of technology.


How much of your day do you spend on right-brain versus left-brain activities?

How can you break some of your established patterns and look at your world differently, to develop your creative mind?

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