“The best things in life are not things.”

“The best things in life are not things.”

—Attributed to Art Buchwald, 20th Century American Humorist

When was the last time you moved or downsized your apartment or home? What was it like to consider all of your possessions and what it took to move things to their new location?

What were the items that were easy to discard as junk? What items did you have no need for and were easily given away or donated? What items did you sell or at least try to sell to perhaps defray some moving costs?

What things held a special place in your heart that didn’t have a home to go to given the limited space in your new abode?

What storage strategies did you employ given some difficulty making the decision to release things back into the world?


What excess possessions can and will you release back into the world in the new year? Consider going room to room and making a list, shooting for one item (big or small) each week.


#1: “The best things in life aren’t things.”

– Art Buchwald

My father used to refer to himself as “one of the richest men around.” He had a life filled with the richness of relationships, experiences, community, spirit, faith, purpose and meaningful work.

Many people today feel that they never have enough, and they’re always in pursuit of more. But “more” often doesn’t make people happier, in spite of what society tells us.

Things cost time. We spend hours working to pay for our possessions … and to pay to insure, protect, maintain and clean them. Sometimes, we have to unclutter our life and have fewer things. We can make the choice to travel more lightly and simply.


Determine what people and experiences in your life bring you the greatest joy and happiness. Schedule more time with these people, and engage in these activities more often.

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