When is it time to let go or give up so that you can begin something new

When is it time to let go or give up so that you can begin something new?

—Calm App Reflection

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Where do you currently feel stalled or stuck in your life? How are you wrestling with the sunk cost of time, effort, and resources where your pivoting is just not paying off? How can you tell when it’s time to quit and when to stick things out?

An approach that has served me over the years is the HHG method. This acronym stands for Head, Heart, and Gut.

In most cases, when I evaluate my endeavors through these three filters, I can move on or stay the course with greater confidence.


Try the HHG method for yourself and let me know what you discover. I also recommend Seth Godin’s classic book “The Dip” as a resource to explore in times of potential transition.

Life is an echo. What you give, you get

“Life is an echo. What you give, you get.”

—Author Unknown

Image of Echo Dot 3

Image of Echo Dot 3 from Amazon.com

If you keep up with technology, you know that Amazon recently launched the third generation of the Echo Dot. For less than $50.00, we can all tap into the virtually unlimited collective knowledge of mankind.

A frequently cited source of answers to our inquiries is Wikipedia – the free online encyclopedia created and edited by volunteers around the world. It is because of these individual and collective contributions that we all reap the benefit/echoes of others throughout the world.


What are the things in life you most desire? How would more generously sharing these resources echo back to you even more of what you seek?