Trust One Who Has Tried

“Trust one who has tried.”

—Virgil, ancient Roman poet of the Augustan period

Meme Trustworthiness

What criteria do you use to determine someone’s trustworthiness?

Select a particular person from your professional or personal community. Using the following questions, rate them on a scale of one to four, with four being high:


  • Is consistent and dependable
  • Is more focused on others than self
  • Is a good listener
  • Keeps personal confidences and avoids gossip
  • Shows genuine care for others
  • Exhibits honesty and integrity
  • Is a win-win, consensus builder

Also ask yourself if this person walks their talk, even in the face of obstacles and challenges.


How would you rate yourself – or better yet – how would others rate you on the same trustworthiness scale? How can you always demonstrate yourself as one who would not ask others to do something you hadn’t tried yourself?