“We are capable of greater things than we realize.”

–Norman Vincent Peale, 20th Century author of The Power of Positive Thinking

Image from Unsplash by
Paola Aguilar

Sure, we have all heard similar thoughts from our teachers, parents, colleagues and friends. We even believe them to some extent. The question to consider here is “How much more are we actually capable of that is beyond our ability to truly believe?”

If thoughts become things, what must we do with our own thoughts, opinions, judgments, mental models and yes, personal paradigms, to free us from our own limiting beliefs?


As you think about and create plans for the coming year, ask the following questions of yourself and of those who know you best:

  • What am I capable of through the use of my mind in the coming year?
  • What am I capable of through the development and use of my body in the coming year?
  • What new spiritual developmental opportunities will I take in the coming year?

Extra Credit:

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