”It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power!”

—Robert Kiyosaki, American author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Thoughts become things. In a typical day, we actually use our inner voices far more than our external ones.

We are constantly having what Susan Scott describes in her book, Fierce Conversations, as versations — which is simply a conversation with ourselves.

The power of bathing in our own thoughts is a form of leadership where we  repeatedly speak about our reality and our vision for the future. This repetition carves deep grooves in our conscious and unconscious minds, which can and often do lead to behaviors that determine our lives.


Notice your inner voice whispering to you throughout the day. What is it saying?

Is this voice positive and affirming or negative and judgmental?

How can and will you use the power of versations to enhance your life?

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  1. Mr. Demp,
    I was catching up on reading and contemplating your posts. I usually do this several times a week. But starting in May of this year, I started a hard push to collect and organize all the research I needed to blog a book in a year or less, and I fell behind.
    This morning I was singularly struck by several posts and quotes.
    Two in a row from May:
    2021 0526
    “Choose to think of yourself as a founder.”
    — Laszlo Bock, Work Rules
    2021 0527
    “Show them the doors that they didn’t know existed.”
    — Paul Jun, on Mentor Programs, The Impresario

    As a founder of The Afterclap, where I work as a Modern-education Anthropologist, I recently had an opportunity to share examples of my work with a reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Where I showed the reporter doors he did not know existed about standardized testing in Georgia. I suspect nothing will come of it, for now.

    However, as always, I enjoy your posts because they encourage thinking and mental stretching.

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