“Morning is when I am awake, and there is dawn in me.”

“Morning is when I am awake, and there is dawn in me.”

Henry David Thoreau, 19th Century American naturalist, writer, philosopher

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I’m an early to bed and early to rise kind of guy—try as I might over the years to play with my circadian rhythm, this way of living just works best for me.

Mornings always seem to begin with boundless potential, and I love the idea of getting a head start on things well before most people hit their snooze alarm for the first time.


What is your relationship with mornings?

How can the dawn of a new day spark your engagement and efforts to make it a great one?

The Day Must Be Saved Early in the Morning

“The day must be saved early in the morning.”

—Laurent Carrel, author

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What time do you wake up in the morning? What is your morning routine? How productive do you feel at various times throughout your day?

Here are a few reasons to become a morning person, or if you are already one, to become even more:

  • A high percentage of geniuses say they do their best work in the morning.
  • Morning people tend to be proactive, happier and perform better at school and work.
  • It is far easier to stick with an exercise routine if you are an early riser.
  • The morning is usually a quiet time, for focused work with fewer distractions.
  • It provides quality time with your significant other if you are both engaged in this habit.
  • You get to see one of the prettiest times of day, which many people miss.


How and in what ways can you save even more of your day by starting it off a bit earlier?