Action makes more fortune than caution

“Action makes more fortune than caution.”

Luc DeClapiers, 18th Century French Essayist

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The past few years have been times of considerable change for most of us.

With time to reflect and explore changes in myself and others, I’ve recognized today’s quote as being spot on.

Wendy and I recently moved to a senior community outside of Philadelphia. Since then, I’ve noticed a number of trends among the residents.

The people who remain active are far younger at heart and generally have richer lives that include better health and vitality. Those folks that are less active, venture out less often, and have fewer social interactions seem to experience the opposite.


Consider reading The Power of Full Engagement by James E. Loehr and Tony Schwartz to see how being in action can support you in leading a more energetic and richer life.

People may hear your words but they feel your attitude

“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.”

John Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author, coach and speaker

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In many ways all living things—including ourselves—are like machines.

We run on fuel and generate billions of electrical impulses each second. Even when we examine ourselves on an atomic level, electric and magnetic fields are constantly flowing.

When two particles—and in the case of today’s quote two people—interact, the energy fields between them can fluctuate.

Words alone compared to words with a positive attitude can be felt, and an experience of alignment and resonance can be experienced.


How and in what ways can and do you generate the feelings of excitement and engagement in others?

How do the people you know use their positive attitudes to offer you their magnetic personalities to engage your deepest listening?

“We all want to say yes…”

“We all want to say yes, because with yes comes so much opportunity, but with power of no comes focus and engagement.”
—Jared Leto, American actor, singer, songwriter, and director.

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Today’s quote immediately brought to mind William Ury’s 2007 book, The Power of the Positive No.

Ury is a renowned negotiator, mediator, and Harvard professor who saw the need to stop some of the madness of the limitless choices in our high stress world. He promotes the concept of a “positive NO” to make room for what really counts – our own needs, values, and priorities.


How will the power of the positive NO provide you the level of focus and engagement you need to bring about the YESES for your most important opportunities?